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User Contributions

UML users have started to build their own tools and infrastructure around UML in order to make it better suited for their own applications. This page lists the ones that I know of so that people who need something similar don't necessarily need to go off and reinvent the wheel. If you have something (or know of something) that should be listed, let us know.

DNS root filesystem from Chris Reahard

This filesystem is a small filesystem intended to run a jailed named and nothing else. This general area, of using a UML virtual machine to jail a single service, is a ripe one, and I welcome contributions of other filesystems that are specialized for other services.

It's available from the jail filesystems section of the download page. Chris' description is available here .

BusyBox root filesystem builder from Julien Gaulmin
This is a little package which automates the building of a BusyBox/uClibc root filesystem for UML. Download this tarball, uncompress it, untar it, and read the README and Makefile.
UMLd - A UML management daemon from David Coulson
A system with lots of UMLs can be a management nightmare, so David Coulson has written a daemon to manage all of his UMLs, allowing UML users to perform functions on their UML via a web interface. For a network running lots of UML instances on machines, UMLd makes housekeeping much easier. More information on UMLd, along with downloads, can be found here.
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