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Changelog for uml-patch-2.4.27-1.bz2

Release Date : Nov 10 2004

Released By : jdike

This release is made up of the following patches:

  • notes
    This removes some useless ioctls from the ubd driver.
  • ifup-flush
    From Gerd Knorr - this avoids a network deadlock that can happen when the host side of an interface is full when the UML interface is brought up. In this case, SIGIOs will never be delivered since no new data is ever queued to the host side.
  • build-cleanups
    Keeping 2.4 in sync with 2.6 - this moves the linker scripts and main.c from arch/um to arch/um/kernel.
  • sysemu
    This is Blaisorblade's sysemu patch for UML, cleaned up some, and with support added for tt mode. This adds support to UML for Laurent Vivier's context-switch-reducing sysemu patch.
  • crypto
    This pulls the crypto stuff into the UML config.
  • scheduler
    This fixes a use-after-free bug in the context switching. A process going out of context after exiting wakes up the next process and then kills itself. The problem is that when it gets around to killing itself is up to the host and can happen a long time later, including after the incoming process has freed its stack, and that memory is possibly being used for something else. The fix is to have the incoming process kill the exiting process just to make sure it can't be running at the point that its stack is freed.
  • eintr
    Add some more EINTR safety with some more uses of CATCH_EINTR. Signed-off-by: Paolo 'Blaisorblade' Giarrusso <>
  • no-mo-ghash
    This removes the much-hated ghash.h. physmem now makes do with an rbtree instead.
  • need-bash
    This forces make to use bash rather than whatever /bin/sh is linked to. There are some bash extensions used in the build (and maybe this needs fixing) and when /bin/sh isn't bash, then the build fails mysteriously.
  • skas-flush-tlb
    Do not flush the whole kernel page table instead of flushing only a range in SKAS mode: loop from start to end instead than to start_vm to end_vm. To test a lot, since it could well be wrong, or some callers could be passing wrong parameters (they were ignored!). Anyway, it seems that this is safe and that most callers are in arch-independent code (i.e. correct one). But actually I did not test modules well. Signed-off-by: Paolo 'Blaisorblade' Giarrusso <> I eyeballed all the callers, and they seem to be doing the right thing - jdike
  • tmp-exec
    This adds a check that /tmp is not mounted noexec. UML needs to be able to do PROT_EXEC mmaps of temp files. Previously, a noexec /tmp would cause an early mysterious UML crash.
  • 2.4.27
    This is the update to 2.4.27. Upgrading to 2.4.27 is probably better done by applying uml-patch-2.4.27-1.
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