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Changelog for uml-patch-2.4.24-2.bz2

Release Date : Apr 7 2004

Released By : jdike

  • Added humfs, which is a host filesystem that preserves ownerships, and is thus usable in cases where hostfs is not.
  • Put an abstract interface between hostfs_user and hostfs_kern that other userspace modules can plug into. humfs is the first user besides hostfs.
  • MPPE is now present in the UML config.
  • Fixed an exit on reboot by disabling all possible sources of pending signals.
  • Made the COW header a bit more 64-bit clean.
  • Added aio support to the OS interface. There is both a 2.4 aio thread and one which uses the 2.6 aio interface.
  • Fixed the klogd bug.
  • The real-time clock now uses gettimeofday rather than the tsc. This improves portability and provides better behavior in the presence of slowed or suspended CPUs.
  • There is some extra memory for exec-shield users to account for the address space gap that they can't use.
  • Panics now cause UML to exit with status 1.
  • user_syms.c is redone per BlaisorBlade's patch. Some symbols caused problems and were removed.
  • Fixed a bug which sometimes caused a skas UML to die from a timer that it wasn't expecting.
  • Properly fixed the 'tracing myself' bug which happens on 2.6 hosts.
  • Code cleanup.
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