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Changelog for uml-patch-2.4.24-1.bz2

Release Date : Feb 15 2004

Released By : jdike

  • Updated to 2.4.24.
  • The hostaudio driver has been converted to eliminate userspace code in favor of calling straight into the os layer.
  • mconsole log no longer ignores newlines that are the only thing in the buffer.
  • mconsole sysrq replies before calling the sysrq driver in case the request is a reboot, in which case the client will never see the reply.
  • Converted a bunch of remnant jmp_bufs to sigjmp_bufs.
  • time_init calls timer to make sure that xtime is non-zero. This was the cause of /proc having a 1970 date.
  • Fixed a race which could cause a userspace signal to appear to have happened in the kernel.
  • Changed one of the remap_data calls to go till _end instead of brk_start to fix some exec_shield brokenness.
  • arch_handle_signal now uses copy_from_user to read the faulting instruction.
  • Changes HZ to 100, fixing some time problems, including ps start times drifting away from real time, and maybe some at brokenness.
  • Exported a few more symbols.
  • Various bits of code and Makefile cleanup.
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