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Changelog for uml-patch-2.4.20-8.bz2

Release Date : Aug 29 2003

Released By : jdike

  • Added V3 COW file support, the changes are
    • There is a new alignment field in the header. The start of the bitmap and data are aligned according to this value.
    • There is a new cow_format field in the header. This is used to specify how COW blocks are specified. Currently, the only supported value is 0, which is the usual COW bitmap.
    • The backing file is moved to the end of the header so that it can possibly extend into the alignment padding in the future.
    • The rounding bug is finally fixed.
    • Bit lengths of header fields are more carefully specified.
  • Added mmap support to the ubd driver.
  • Fixed a number of small problems spotted by Oleg.
  • Fixed some compilation failures and warnings.
  • Removed a duplicate assignment from copy_sc_from_user_skas.
  • os_{read,write}_file now handle -EINTR gracefully.
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