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Changelog for uml-patch-2.4.18-14.bz2

Release Date : Apr 6 2002

Released By : jdike

  • Added mulix's NULL ops checks to the console and serial line backend.
  • The daemon transport has been updated to get its MAC from uml_switch rather than the UML command line or its IP address. The connection to uml_switch is now done at boot time rather than at ifconfig. You need the uml_utilities_20020406 tarball in order to use this.
  • Fixed the bug which reused a tty struct after it had been freed when no getty was put on the main console.
  • Added the umid to the xterm titles.
  • Fixed hostfs_mknod so that unix sockets can be created in hostfs mounts.
  • FP registers are now correctly passed back to gdb inside UML and stored in core files.
  • The umid is now put into host process names.
  • Added Daniel Phillips' pte fixes.
  • Fixed the kill(-1, ...) bug that Sapan found.
  • Kernel memory is now only unprotected when signals happen in userspace.
  • Host xmm support is now checked for, and cpu_has_xmm is set accordingly, which should allow RAID support to be compiled in.
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