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This is a diagram of a possible use of UML as a library. Let's say that Apache links in UML and uses it to store its configuration in a filesystem internally, and that it exports that filesystem via NFS to the host or some other node on the network.
The host can mount it in its own filesystem, say on /etc/httpd/config. Now, anything on the host can read and write any individual configuration variable. If Apache is willing to have variables change on the fly, then this allows fine-tuning of the configuration without editing httpd.conf and restarting it. So, some daemon could be watching a number of servers, their internal statistics, and other things such as machine and network load, and tweak the configurations of the servers to adjust to changing loads.
So, is this Apache a process or a kernel? It is a normal Apache server, so it's clearly a process. But it's also acting as a real network node. So, it's really both a process and a kernel.