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Changelog for uml-patch-2.4.24-3.bz2

Release Date : May 12 2004

Released By : jdike

  • Major rework of hostfs/humfs. The kernel infrastructure was made asynchronous, cleaned up, and many bugs fixed. It was also renamed to externfs. The old hostfs_user.c is now host_fs.c. humfs is now able to accept plug-in metadata modules, thanks to Piotr Neuman. The existing shadow filesystem metadata is now plugged in to this interface, and lives in meta_fs.c. This also includes a cleanup patch from Paul Wagland. Everything in arch/um/fs/hostfs is now kernel code, and the USER_* stuff in the Makefile is now gone.
  • Added a fix from Oleg which causes malloc to call vmalloc. I changed it to check the allocation size and only use vmalloc for large allocations.
  • Fixed a bug in mconsole_interrupt which would crash if it ever saw an empty to-do list. This also simplified the code.
  • Added an ioctl patch from Gerd Knorr.
  • Cleaned up the AIO support. It now builds and runs on 2.4, falling back to the IO thread if 2.6 AIO support isn't available.
  • Added a filehandle abstraction to support reclaiming file descriptors when we hit the kernel limit. It keeps a list of reclaimable descriptors, closing them when descriptors are needed, and reopening them when they become active again.
  • Added O_DIRECT support. Added a bunch more interfaces to get libc stuff out of hostfs.
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