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Changelog for uml-patch-2.4.22-6.bz2

Release Date : Nov 10 2003

Released By : jdike

  • Pulled some config help text back from 2.5.
  • The arch/um Makefile behaves better when CONFIG_NEST_LEVEL and CONFIG_KERNEL_HALF_GIG don't have values.
  • arch/um/drivers/pcap.o should build for more people now.
  • Fixed a crash when a device is asked for its configuration, and it has no channels assocated with it.
  • Cleaned up a bunch of code.
  • Added os_file_modtime, and changed everything that looks at mtime to use it rather than os_stat_file.
  • Added module support to the hostaudio driver.
  • Fixed a buffer overrun in arch/um/drivers/line.c.
  • Added console support to the serial line driver.
  • The ubd driver uses letter device names rather than numbers.
  • Fixed some botched error printks.
  • Exported to_phys.
  • Set SA_NODEFER for SIGSEGV, which should fix the process exiting problem that Oleg has been seeing.
  • Changed CC to HOSTCC in the util Makefiles, which gets cross builds a step closer to working.
  • Fixed the kmem driver so that it doesn't assume that physical memory begins at address 0.
  • Fixed a bug in the KERNEL_CALL error return.
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