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Changelog for uml-patch-2.4.18-8.bz2

Release Date : Mar 18 2002

Released By : jdike

  • Added a null channel which acts a lot like /dev/null.
  • Made UML robust in the face of tmpfs running out of space and sending SIGBUS when unbacked pages are touched.
  • Changed the connection protocol to uml_switch so that it is versioned and also so that uml_switch determines the data socket and passes it back to UML. This requires the new uml_switch, so grab the new utilities tarball as well as this patch.
  • Changed the assignment of an eth device's MAC so that it is set temporarily to fe:fd:0:0:0:0 until it gets an IP, at which point, it is changed to a MAC generated from that IP. This allows the interface to be brought up before an IP is assigned without the driver complaining.
  • Added the ability for the command line to remove a device with 'device=none'.
  • Updated the mconsole help string.
  • Fixed the mconsole reaction to a too-large request. Also added a version mismatch check.
  • Bumped HZ to 52 to make it divisible by 4 so that qdisc will build.
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