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Changelog for jail_dns-0.3.bz2

Release Date : Oct 23 2001

Released By : jdike

  • Rethought the plan to have init keep named going: Now a shell script is used instead that reads its config from /etc (keepalive) that contains the command w/ args:pid file (left blank if none). This script checks every 60 seconds that a /proc/$PID exists for each daemon it's supposed to monitor, restarting (and relearning the PID) if needed.
  • Syslogd command line option no longer in /etc/rcS (see above)
  • rcS checks to see if the UML host was told to use TUN/TAP and if so correctly configures eth0 to be a point to point link, then adds a host route for the gateway, then the default gw route. It will ignore the netmask setting in rcS if this is the case.
  • Added HOSTFS_DOMAIN_DIR to rcS. This variable indicates where the real domain directory is on the host. If it is commented out, a default setup exists in /home/named/etc/domains to use named as a generic caching DNS
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