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15. Thanks

A number of people have helped this project in various ways, and this page gives recognition where recognition is due.

If you're listed here and you would prefer a real link on your name, or no link at all, instead of the despammed email address pseudo-link, let me know.

If you're not listed here and you think maybe you should be, please let me know that as well. I try to get everyone, but sometimes my bookkeeping lapses and I forget about contributions.

15.1 Code and Documentation

Rusty Russell -

Peter Moulder - Fixed my config and build processes, and added some useful code to the block driver

Bill Stearns -

Jim Leu - Wrote the virtual ethernet driver and associated usermode tools

Lars Brinkhoff - Contributed the ptrace proxy from his own project to allow easier kernel debugging

Andrea Arcangeli - Redid some of the early boot code so that it would work on machines with Large File Support

Chris Emerson - Did the first UML port to Linux/ppc

Harald Welte - Wrote the multicast transport for the network driver

Jorgen Cederlof - Added special file support to hostfs

Greg Lonnon - Changed the ubd driver to allow it to layer a COW file on a shared read-only filesystem and wrote the iomem emulation support

Henrik Nordstrom - Provided a variety of patches, fixes, and clues

Lennert Buytenhek - Contributed various patches, a rewrite of the network driver, the first implementation of the mconsole driver, and did the bulk of the work needed to get SMP working again.

Yon Uriarte - Fixed the TUN/TAP network backend while I slept.

Adam Heath - Made a bunch of nice cleanups to the initialization code, plus various other small patches.

Matt Zimmerman - Matt volunteered to be the UML Debian maintainer and is doing a real nice job of it. He also noticed and fixed a number of actually and potentially exploitable security holes in uml_net. Plus the occasional patch. I like patches.

James McMechan - James seems to have taken over maintenance of the ubd driver and is doing a nice job of it.

Chandan Kudige - wrote the umlgdb script which automates the reloading of module symbols.

Steve Schmidtke - wrote the UML slirp transport and hostaudio drivers, enabling UML processes to access audio devices on the host. He also submitted patches for the slip transport and lots of other things.

David Coulson -

15.2 Flushing out bugs

15.3 Buglets and clean-ups

15.4 Case Studies

15.5 Other contributions

Bill Carr made the Red Hat mkrootfs script work with RH 6.2.

Michael Jennings sent in some material which is now gracing the top of the index page of this site.

SGI (and more specifically Ralf Baechle ) gave me an account on . The bandwidth there made it possible to produce most of the filesystems available on the project download page.

Laurent Bonnaud took the old grotty Debian filesystem that I've been distributing and updated it to 2.2. It is now available by itself here.

Rik van Riel gave me some ftp space on so I can make releases even when Sourceforge is broken.

Rodrigo de Castro looked at my broken pte code and told me what was wrong with it, letting me fix a long-standing (several weeks) and serious set of bugs.

Chris Reahard built a specialized root filesystem for running a DNS server jailed inside UML. It's available from the download page in the Jail Filesysems section.

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